Ai: Illustrator

Even though my post date is the fifteenth of November, working with Adobe Illustrator was really a two week process, starting on the first.

I have a cursory understanding of Illustrator, so I hired my graphic designer friend, Trish Jameson, to help me out.

I sent her my original layouts and drawings from Photoshop and she set them up in Illustrator. One issue in doing that, is Illustrator is very precise where Photoshop can be more loose. So it took her awhile to tweak my work to fit correctly into Illustrator.

So for me, that meant more rounds of cutting out her layouts and assembling the villages to make sure they fit together correctly.

Also, she doesn’t know Photoshop. Anytime an image had to be altered (not for size but for looks), I would change it in Photoshop and send it back to her.

Again, after many rounds, here are the completed house layouts.

Detail of the Garden House

Published by Nancy Whitcraft

Graduate student in Masters in Illustration program.

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