Engineering Paper Punch-Outs

“This was so much fun,” she says sarcastically. I did quite a bit of hand layout and drawing to make the houses fit together correctly. One of the main issues was that my actual village homes are not square. The buildings are very organic. So it was quite a challenge to line up all the walls and roofs to form straight houses in the punch-outs.

Also, did I mention that I’m horrible with measurements and drawing straight lines! Regardless, I powered through and made the original layouts in Photoshop. For each house, I took the best photo of it, and “broke” the house down into it’s parts. I then printed the “parts” and reassembled them by hand, to figure out how they would best fit together.

As you can see the layouts are technically stunning! After many more rounds of Photoshop, printing, cutting and putting together, I eventually did resort to measuring.

In all seriousness, I did lose count of how many times I tweaked, resized and remeasured the houses. Below are examples of just a few of the numerous tries, so you get the idea.

Finally, success!

The one thing that was fun about the layout process was drawing the animals for the houses. In the actual village the animals are plastic. I did not want to use their images mainly due to copy right laws. I also thought the hand drawn images would be more fun for kids. I drew them in colored pencil.

I than scanned the images into Photoshop and enhanced their colors. I also mirrored the images so they would layout correctly in the punch outs. I added tabs to the pig as an example of how the tabs should be laid out in Illustrator.

Published by Nancy Whitcraft

Graduate student in Masters in Illustration program.

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